Tuesday, March 25, 2014

you were there

yes i admit
you were there for me
when no-one else was
when i was staring death in the face
when i saw his red eyes fill with tears of joy
at the sight of me crawling closer to him in pain...

i used my last breath to scream out for help
i used the last kilojoule i had to show my pain
then.....................................................................you appeared
you you you
of all people...................................................................you
heaven knows why
i am grateful, truely i am
we both thought it would turn into love
you think it did
and that is my fault
it feels bad to even think of telling you the truth
seems easier to keep on pretending
im confused now
i dont know what to call this
all i know is its not love at all

i dont know why im writing this
i thought it would help
i feel worse..............
im thinking too fast and typing too slow
i might have missed the right words
maybe not right, should i say correct/sincere/honest
i dont know
but i think
i let slip an important message
while i was looking for the correct spelling

i owe you
i know that
but i cannot give you what you want
ive been trying to love you
im exhausted
i feel like im indebted for life

yes i admit
i got myself into this

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Perfect World

Not a perfect world, but a conquerable world.
Where maybe school ends in Grade Nine.
Before having to be forced with making subject choices.

A world where you don't go to Grade 12 and stress about a career,
trying to live up to the expectations of the older generations,
when you yourself have no idea what you want to do.

A world where heart, passion, and hard work,
and not your family connections or ties,
gets you somewhere.

A world where you can do what you set your mind to.
A world where people with the smarts who are standing at a crossroad,
not knowing which path to take,
don't  have to choose one pathway, but as many as her lifespan will allow.

A world where teens can watch cartoons and still contribute to society.
A world where we discard the mentality of laziness.
A world where we keep calm and enjoy the ride, while steering the wheel in a direction
that benefits not only us, but the community around us, too.

A perfect world? No, not at all.
My world, as powerful as these words written,
as careful as these words selected,
as awesome as my world seems, so is everyone else's.

The question is: Who has the will to make their world the world?

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Every generation is different. Every generation paves the way for the next generation, but also walks in the steps of the previous generation.

Yet, how different our generations are. Back in the day, those generations had their style, character,
ways that made them unique. Then again, what about us, the 21st generation? The technological generation, the extinction generation, the generation that has proven to be the most active, most productive, most blind generation?

Though we have the technology and mind, we still don't get that without the earth, those things don't matter. Once we destroy our environment and just focus on upgrading our technological side or our stomach side (a process that is already underway), we are killing our predecessor generation, who will be unable to fully live their lives.

They won't have the opportunities we have with the earth because it will be too late. We have had our share of style advancement, and we will continue going strong, but if we destroy our environment - if we kill nature - then the next generation might as well be born on Mars.

The earth is an awesome home. It's a round ball that spirals in mystery. We must still learn from it and be fed by it. How pathetic then will we feel in the generation to come, explaining to our offspring why they must pay for air, why the trees are artificial, and why they live the way they do, without nature or anything natural?

How awful would it be to ask, "What if ...?" If it starts with us, it can be carried on by the next generation and their generation to come. No need to go big. It's the small steps and actions that matter. We can be the generation that did something. Stop with the blame shifting (industries, the poor, the rich). We all contribute, we all produce, and we all protect. It's time we were called not earth destroyers, but the evironologists: We can be technical and environmental. Spread the word, do the word, and correct the world!

"Let it grow, let it grow; you can't reap what you don't sow. Plant a seed inside the earth, just one way to know its worth. Let's celebrate the world's rebirth. We say, let it grow. Let it grow. It's just one tiny seed, but that's all we really need. It's time to change the life we lead. Time to let it grow! Let it grow, let it grow. It's just one tiny seed, but it's all we really need. Time to banish all your greed. Imagine our world flowered and treed. Let this be our solemn creed. We say, let it grow!" -The Lorax

-Gracia Kapenda

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Fear is an aspect of life that has a grip on us all.
Though some try to suppress it and gain the will power to get beyond it,
for others, that's a lifelong battle.

Fear of what is beyond tomorrow, fear of dissappointment and error.
Yet those fears push us beyond our limits.
Those fears prompt us to succeed and keep us on our toes.

Fear of the future - we live in the moment.
Fear of failure - we do our outmost best to get to the top.

So is it true that False Evidence that Appears Real in our lives
is part of human nature,
to either keep us in our comfort zones or kick us to the core,
that we want to overcome it and not let it overcome us?

-Gracia Kapenda

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Storytelling, novel writing, killer movies, epic story lines.
What they all have in common is the writer's very own imagination on paper.
The simplicity yet thorough search of the perfect words,
characters that will not only applaud the writer's distinguished taste,
but captivate the minds and hearts of the reader.

It could be a love story, poem, or just a three-line paragraph.
If your soul and sweat have been gathered and put to paper,
it's a masterpiece like no other.

Therefore, let the mind, heart, and imagination
come together as a superpower,
with the intention of breaking barriers
and reaching heights beyond today's imaginative expectations.  

-Gracia Kapenda

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Lost Life

What is a world with that has what I have
spies to check my wrong doings,
families to rank me for my nationality,
criminals to make me feel at home,
parents that ban me from things that mean 
the world to me even though when you ask 
them why... they just say because we say so
and if you ask me what kind of world it is, 
I would say I don't know because 
I am a lost life 

-Chris Lambert

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Mlweni, Sanibonani, Dumelani, Guemadag, Mwiriwe, Moro and Good day

What is a language?

Is it what your mother gave you?

Maybe your father?

Why abandon what your blood

gave you?

But when I think back

I remember my grandma use to tell me

When you know too many you know the world

You know people

But again I ask why know too many forget

What that woman gave you, the one

You so call a mother.

Know but don't forget

what you got from that woman

Your mother tongue is

the most precious gift

You get to take wherever you go



-Ciza Sylvane